What's with Usagi Yojimbo? (NGC)

	I figured some you you may be into UY, here it goes:

	I hadn't visited my local store where I have an account set up in 
a while, so I figured I'd go and see what comics were waiting for me.  
When I got there, I was surprised to find that the store had closed up 
for good. :-{  
	So, it was off to another store to desparately catch up on the 
Usagi's that I had missed out on.  The thing that totally threw me off 
was the 'new' Usagis on the shelf were under the Dark Horse Label. The 
issue they had was 1of3 & Space UY #3of3.  I read in the letters page 
that Mirage had gone under, and Usagi was now hooked up with Dark Horse 
in Black and White again.  

	1)Is this a permenant move?
	2)When/what was the last Mirage issue?
	3)Is there a 'regular' series going yet, or just the mini-series? 
	4)Does that make it the 3rd Space Usagi Series?

	Would somebody kindly answer these pressing questions before I 
explode ? :-}