Trade for Cards???

Howdy Yall,

Okay.  We are all suffering through a temporary Groo drought.
And I do mean suffering.  
But, some of us STILL don't have all the Groo cards.
Maybe my grooism was thinking that I could actually collect all 153 cards.

I only need four more to complete my own personal set.  ONLY FOUR !!!
They are: #20 - Mark Evanier
                #23 - Title Maidens
                #91 - Las Sirenas
              #117 - Abogado

Why are these cards avoiding me?  I can understand people hoarding the
Title Maidens (eminently hoardable) and Las Sirenas. Okay, it might be
nice to have a couple of them.  But Abogado?  Why is that one so hard to
find?  And Mark E.'s card!  Some folks might want to give that one away! 
( just kiddin' Mark, I love you maaaannnn)

The availability of the Groo cards is here nada, nill, nix, niets, zero, nyet.
Does anybody know if they are gonna print more? watta question!!

I do have some to trade (6, 10, 50, 56, 119, 146) 

BTW, has anyone gotten a statue yet?