GROO Cards

     I'm glad to see other folks are getting as desperate as I was for a 
     while trying to complete a set of GROO cards.  I ended up spending far 
     more than I should have buying as many boxes or incomplete boxes as I 
     could find.  The card stores did not stock them, and the comic book 
     shops ordered only one (or none) as a trial.  Obviously, I have a lot 
     of doubles (over 300) and I'm watching this traffic to help folks 
     complete their sets and maybe even complete another one myself.
     Since I spent so much money, I wouldn't like to see another printing, 
     or the discovery of a whole warehouse full of cards that never got 
     shipped.  I dread the thought of finding GROO cards listed in a mail 
     order catalog for $5.00 a box, like the MAD cards a couple years ago.
                                                Gene P