Re: Trade for Cards???

On Tue, 21 May 1996, Randall Allsup wrote:

> Okay.  We are all suffering through a temporary Groo drought.
> And I do mean suffering.  
> But, some of us STILL don't have all the Groo cards.
> Maybe my grooism was thinking that I could actually collect all 153 cards.

	Not that I'm taunting you, but I've got them *all* except I-7 & 
I-9! :-}

> I only need four more to complete my own personal set.  ONLY FOUR !!!
>                 #23 - Title Maidens

	I've got this one for you.

> The availability of the Groo cards is here nada, nill, nix, niets, zero, nyet.
> Does anybody know if they are gonna print more? watta question!!

	Yep, they're impossible to find here too.  I have a feeling that 
the manufacturers still have a lot, because I heard that stores & 
distributers didn't order too many of 'em.  I hope they don't print any 
more, it would be hard enough keeping track of two different printings. . 
.  :-{}
> I do have some to trade (6, 10, 50, 56, 119, 146) 

	I'll take #6 and #50.  Sound good?

> BTW, has anyone gotten a statue yet? 

	Nope, the store has had my money for 8 months and counting now. . 
. . :-{  Maybe Mark Evanier can shed a little light on this for us???