Hi, gang!

A quick updates for the loyalites of the GROO mailing list...

1. The first printing of the GROO cards is officially sold out and, 
yes, I know everyone had a problem finding them.  Don't ask me to 
explain; I don't understand.  The publisher is currently talking about 
doing a solicitation for a second printing.  The second printing will 
not happen, however, unless there are some solid orders for it.

2. I have a lot of the cards and can fill in missing numbers for GROO 
fans.  Here's what you do if you're really stuck.  Mail me a pile of 
your duplicates and a list of the Groo cards you're missing, along with 
a stamped, self-addressed envelope.  I should be able to fill in a few 
missing numbers for everyone...but NO "IMAGES OF GROO" cards.  Just the 
regular numbers.  My address is 363 S. Fairfax Ave., #303, Los Angeles, 
CA 90036...and remember to send me a batch of your dupes, too, so I can 
shuffle 'em around to other folks.  And be patient.

3. I have no idea what's up with the Groo statues but they ain't out 

4. There are no Evanier/Aragones comic books of any kind in the work at 
the moment, nor is anyone asking us to do anything.  So you won't be 
seeing GROO or MAGNOR or anything else from us for a while.  I'm not 
happy about this but the funnybook biz ain't in great shape these days.

5. Sergio and I will be at San Diego, and he will be at the Chicago 
Convention.  Stop by and say howdy.