Re: Hi, gang!

> 1. The first printing of the GROO cards is officially sold out and, 
> yes, I know everyone had a problem finding them.  Don't ask me to 
> explain; I don't understand.  The publisher is currently talking about 
> doing a solicitation for a second printing.  The second printing will 
> not happen, however, unless there are some solid orders for it.

Hi Mark!

When I was hunting high and low for Groo trading card sets, three
comic shops told me that it was incredibly hard to complete Groo card
sets.  This was because the set size was so large (153 cards).  A lot of
the other set sizes on the market only have around 75-100 cards, so it's
much easier to complete these sets.

One comic shop told me that after opening a box of Groo trading cards,
he was still missing about 50 cards.  Kind of the same story with me.
After buying about 20 packs, I was still missing about 50 cards.

This may have had an effect on the number of boxes that they ordered.

Hope this information helps for Series II (if there will be a Series II).