GROO Cards

Hi Everybody!

I only found One box of cards in Biloxi, MS -- not even a complete box -- 
but I got most of the cards I need and have been trying to trade for the 
rest ever since.

With my latest trade (thanks to Randall Allsup) I only need #22 "A Fray"
and #76 "What Groo Does Best!".  I've pretty much given up all hope of 
finding any more of the Images of Groo; the only reason my Wife lets me 
continue to search the Tri-State area for more cards is she Loves the Images.

What I want to say is from that incomplete box and subsequent trades
I have almost completed my collection, including three Images of Groo (5,7,8)
from that lonely box.

Maybe I've watched one too many X-Files episodes and read one too many
conspiracy books, but if Mark wants to "help" fill in missing numbers for 
Groo fans, I think it sounds like he knows something we don't.  Is he trying 
to horde Groo trading cards for later sale to make up for YEARS of little to
no wages working on the greatest Comic ever created?  Or has the Government
gotten to him...

Tim V. Jordan

Heavily Armed
Easily Bored
and Out of Cheese Dip