Wow!!! Lifesigns!

Kenneth R Simon wrote...
>May your cup runneth over with cheese dip and you pockets fill with kopins!
>How can we get Sergio back on GROO? Maybe somebody could kidnap Rufferito?
>Keep the faith anyway....
>Support Mental Health or crazy people will get you.
>And remember what Cervantes said -- Para el hambre no hay pan duro.
>Hasta la victoria.Viva Sergio, Viva Groo...

Well, that was helpful.... My life is in danger, and youīre planning
kidnapping, and give me a lesson in Spanish. This will probably help me a
lot with the Alien, donīt you think...
        IĻm not too fluent in Spanish (we donīt use it much here in
NORWAY), to be honest I donīt understand more than tha last bit. And as you
can imagine Iīm a bit busy saving my butt, so I canīt find my dictionary,
if anyone would care to translate it I would be grateful.

More helpful advice came from
Ruben J. Arellano...
>        Throw a 10 gallon bucket of dehydrated Cheese Dip into its mouth.
>The resulting hydration of the cheese dip should easily completely
>dehydrate the monster, while thus producing 100 gallons of Cheese Dip
>and a costume for your next Groo Theme Party.  Enjoy.

That would be a great idea, the only problem is that Iīm not allowed to
handle Cheese Dip of even the smallest amount, after the
But it probably would have woryouch!!!! He got my foot!!!!! Heīs sucking my
left foot through a small hole in his D.V. mask. IT HURTS! I need Cheese
Dip! NURSE!!! NURSE!!! Why doesnīt anyone listen to me?? As I was saying
your idea probably would have worked but do you have other ideas?
Anyone...? Anyone...? Use the Force boys and girls! THINK!!

Bye, bye, may Grooīs swords watch over you....

        The Knight Who Says Cheese Dip

P.S. Cheese Dip
P.P.S. Cheese Dip
P.P.P.S. Cheese Dip
P.P.P.P.S. Cheese Dip (Are you getting my point?)