Groo Stuff

I appreciate the messages from those who want to see GROO again.  I 
don't think any sort of letter-writing campaign will have much impact.  
It couldn't possibly generate more than a few dozen letters and 
everyone knows we have a certain number of GROO fans lurking out there. 
 The question is whether they would support a new comic in sufficient 
numbers to warrant its publication.  (I suspect a lot of GROO fans 
weren't buying the comic near the end.  We may simply have done too 
many issues of it.)

Since I posted my original message to the mailing list here, we've had 
two publishers approach us about doing comics for them.  I'm not sure 
if we'll do GROO or MAGNOR or something new...or even if either of 
these offers will solidify into anything.  But we are in discussions 
and I'll report here if and when they look promising.  Thanks, all!