Re: Groo as a *real* last name?

Ruben J. Arellano wrote:
> Does anybody know of, or heard of, anyone with a last (or first) name
> Groo?  The closest I could find in my White Pages was "Groos".  Any other
> contenders?  I'm sure in Europe there must be some good ones. . . .
> Let's extend this question to *any* Groo character names as Surnames. . .
> Ruben.

I just looked in the White Pages for Sydney, Australia, and found a whole 
heap of Taranto's, but no Groo or Arcadio or Chakaal or Ahax or anything 
else I could think of...Not even an Aragones or an Evanier!


this has been another email from d.hackney@student.anu.edu.au

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