Re: Groo Stuff

On Mon, 27 May 1996, Mark Evanier wrote:

> everyone knows we have a certain number of GROO fans lurking out there. 
>  The question is whether they would support a new comic in sufficient 
> numbers to warrant its publication.  (I suspect a lot of GROO fans 
> weren't buying the comic near the end.  We may simply have done too 
> many issues of it.)

	How about if publication of Groo goes underground and is only
available as a hand-stapled and photo-copied edition?  Ok, I know that 
sounds desparate, but I thought it was worth a shot. :-}

> Since I posted my original message to the mailing list here, we've had 
> two publishers approach us about doing comics for them.  I'm not sure 
> if we'll do GROO or MAGNOR or something new...or even if either of 
> these offers will solidify into anything.  But we are in discussions 
> and I'll report here if and when they look promising.  Thanks, all!  

	Good luck!