Re: Groopies

John Byrne said that he never used to read "Wonder Woman" comics because
it was considered a "girls" comic.  (He draws "Wonder Woman" comics now.)

Maybe there's more comic titles geared for guys then girls.  Wonder what
Groo is geared for?  It seems to be geared for jokes!  But, maybe it's
geared for Rufferto.  He gets to be on the front cover, the inside pages,
AND the back cover!



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I asked:
>> I was just wondering how many of us deluded fans of Groo are female. So,
is >>the vast majority of Groopies really male? And if so, why? Any answers
or >>theories out there?

Ruben answered:
>I think it has more to do with why are the majority of comic book 
>readers *in general* male.  Historically, comic books, IMHO, have been 
>male-oriented.  Back in the day of The Lone Ranger and other westerns 
>then through Superman and other heroes, the appeal and market has been 
>predominantly for boys/males/men.  Since Groo cuts a relatively small 
>peice of the comic market pie, the proportion of female readers would 
>also be cut to a fairly small number.  But, I have seen letters in the 
>Letters Page that were written by females -- so don't feel that you're 
>alone. . . . :-}  Also, the fact that a large majority of computer users 
>are male would accentuate the fact that there are very few female Groo 
>fans on the Internet.  Or so *I* think, anyway.

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. 

>[snip] ...Explaining *why* comic readers and computer users are 
>predominantly male is a whole other kettle of fish -- but I'll give you a 
>hint as to what i think: parental stereotyping, genetics, and cheese dip!

And mulch, whatever that is.

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