Re: Groopies

Groo is geared for simple-minded idiots like you and me...

Ken Simon

On Tue, 28 May 1996, Eric Chun wrote:

> John Byrne said that he never used to read "Wonder Woman" comics because
> it was considered a "girls" comic.  (He draws "Wonder Woman" comics now.)
> Maybe there's more comic titles geared for guys then girls.  Wonder what
> Groo is geared for?  It seems to be geared for jokes!  But, maybe it's
> geared for Rufferto.  He gets to be on the front cover, the inside pages,
> AND the back cover!
> G'bye.
> Eric
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> I asked:
> >> I was just wondering how many of us deluded fans of Groo are female. So,
> is >>the vast majority of Groopies really male? And if so, why? Any answers
> or >>theories out there?
> Ruben answered:
> >I think it has more to do with why are the majority of comic book 
> >readers *in general* male.  Historically, comic books, IMHO, have been 
> >male-oriented.  Back in the day of The Lone Ranger and other westerns 
> >then through Superman and other heroes, the appeal and market has been 
> >predominantly for boys/males/men.  Since Groo cuts a relatively small 
> >peice of the comic market pie, the proportion of female readers would 
> >also be cut to a fairly small number.  But, I have seen letters in the 
> >Letters Page that were written by females -- so don't feel that you're 
> >alone. . . . :-}  Also, the fact that a large majority of computer users 
> >are male would accentuate the fact that there are very few female Groo 
> >fans on the Internet.  Or so *I* think, anyway.
> Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. 
> >[snip] ...Explaining *why* comic readers and computer users are 
> >predominantly male is a whole other kettle of fish -- but I'll give you a 
> >hint as to what i think: parental stereotyping, genetics, and cheese dip!
> And mulch, whatever that is.
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