Groosome Situation

  Hello all,
  I have a slight problem.
  I have completely missed out on the Groo Trading Cards. 
  My local comic and card store received none of their order.
  They can't explain why, but I know that I have been left empty-handed.

  It is a mortal sin for someone with all the Groo comics ever printed 
  to not have the trading cards.
  I would like to know if anyone is willing to part with some of their 
  extras for a price-per-card. I'm looking for 2 or 3 of each 
  number, and any special cards I can scrape up. I'd like to end up 
  with at least one full set and a couple of partials.If anyone is 
  interested in selling me any of their extras, (this includes you, 
  Mr. "I-haven't-been-paid-in-years" Evanier) please contact me by 
  e-mail. 8-)
  Thanks in advance,
  George Karalias
  E-mail address: George_Karalias@avid.com