Groo's Big Brows and France.

On Wed, 29 May 1996, Lia Bulaong wrote:

> Okay, so Mark has been pushing the one-joke joke and the dumbness of people
> who read Groo in the letters pages (Or at least he _did_ while Groo was
> still coming out, *sob*). Anyway, I know Kenneth was kidding (you _were_
> kidding, weren't you?), but it occured to me that all the time I read Groo I
> never found it dumb, or geared for dumb people. In fact, compared to many
> comics out there today, Groo is very high-brow.
> I can just imagine all the eyebrows rising as y'all read my last sentence.
> Seriously people, did you ever read an issue and think to yourself "Man,
> that was stupid"? And by that I don't mean something that Groo did (because
> we all know Groo habitually does stupid things---that's part of his, uh,
> charm), but the issue itself.

	I can't say that I think Groo is an intellectual or 'in-depth' 
comic of sorts.  For me, most of the morals, and political/social-issues 
were fairly obvious. But I don't beleive that Groo is any less 
'high-brow'(though I'm not quite sure what you mean by this, do you mean 
intillectual or serious or something?) than most other comics out there.  
The plots may be a little less complicated than Spawn or Sandman, but 
that is about it.  I think the only thing I could say about Groo is that 
it is *different* than *any* other comic out there -- which is a lot more 
than I can say for *most* other comics these days.

> P.S. This is silly, but does anyone know whether Groo was popular in France?
> Well, consider how beloved Gerard Depardeau (I know that isn't the correct
> spelling) is over there, and then consider how much he and Groo look alike
> (Except that Groo has more hair). Any answers?

	A french publisher (Zenda) did put out an issue
(European-hardcover-style) of Groo a few years back.  I have it. :-}} As
far as I know, they only put out one issue, and Sergio and the gang got
screwed by the deal and didn't get a cent for it.  Perhaps Groo isn't 
'high-brow' enough for French readers?? :-}}


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