On Wed, 29 May 1996, Eric Chun wrote:

> You know you're good when you can make something look simple!  Actually,
> Groo comics have very detailed art, plot, character traits, prose, etc.
> All of that good stuff just blends well together to give you an enter-
> taining and original comic book every month.  :)

	I think one of the most outstanding features of Groo is the 
unique art.  The way Sergio draws figures and motions is very well done.  
Other comics rely on extreme close-ups of the characters and leave out 
enough of he overal picture that you're left wondering what position the 
person is in.  And when you do, it usually isn't very well posed.  On 
first glance the close-up may look neat, but if you pick the picture 
apart, you realise that the artist relies a lot on textures and computer 
graphics/colors -- neither of which impress me when it comes to comics.

> PS: May your pockets be full of cheese dip and your stomach be full of
>     kopins.  Or is it the other way around?