RE: ArGrooers: Nirvana

Trade you some issues for some cards...

From: 	Randall Allsup[SMTP:rallsup@wpo.borland.com]
Sent: 	Friday, May 31, 1996 1:14 PM
To: 	groo-l@hmc.edu
Subject: 	ArGrooers: Nirvana

Howdy Yall,

Nirvana n. An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability, and joy. The
state of absolute blessedness, for example, when you actually complete
your set of Groo trading cards.

Now I know why Mark's card was so hard to get ! ! ! !

It's been a long haul, but thanks to you Groovies, my universe is
complete.  Now, if I can just replace the casualties from my formerly
complete collection of Groo comics . . . . .