Recently Ruben pondered:
"What is mulch?"

Well, I was reading Groo 12 (Eclipse, I haven't been lucky enough to score
early Marvels) and according to Mark (hi!) in the very last (sob) Groo Grams:

        "...Mulching is a process of inbred fertilization which employs
certain                 decomposed organic materials --- including but not
limited to animal                 sediment --- to blanket an area in which
vegetation is desired. The                 procedure enriches the soil for
stimulated development while, at the same            time, preventing
erosion and decreasing the evaporation from the ground."

Which doesn't answer Ruben's question (mulch, not mulching). My Webster's
Dictionary (a really old one, my new one's missing) says:

        " mulch, (mulch), n. a collection of straw, used to protect the
roots of plants                 in winter."


:] Lia


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