> Anybody have a list of what Countries Groo is or has been published in?
> Ruben.

It was published in Brasil, a few years ago, and reached the status of cult.
As in the states, there are a lot of Groo fans here (some of them released in 93 a song called Groo the Wanderer - see the unsigned band Dirty Job at IUMA - http://www.iuma.com/IUMA-2.0/ftp/volume7/Dirty_Job/)

Notice that the Abril Editora (the same publisher of Marvel and DC comics here) didn't release the whole Groo editions you had in US, so feel lucky!

Nowadays, some of the Groo comics published in portuguese are collector's piece - very rare and very expensive on the national comics market. See Groo speaking portuguese at http://www.ufsm.br/alternet/cart/aragones.html
Another note: the translation from english to portuguese of the texts was great. Unlike most of the translations they do here, Groo received special treatment and the final result was well done. They translated the poems, the always-used jokes, Mark's titles for every edition, the secret messages (some of them... the others, I guess the translator didn't find :) 

Finally I can say in Brasil Groo had the treatment he never had on the stories.

[]s to all


P.S. -Please add my name (and a lot of brazilian people's names) on the "We want Groo back" list. When the new comics arrive here, Abril would probably publish the missing old ones too. (at least for the collectors! :) historical reasons, Mark!)

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