Re: that blue thingie

On Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:00:53 +0800 Lia Bulaong wrote:

> From: Lia Bulaong <bula@tridel.com.ph>
> Date: Sun, 2 Jun 1996 21:00:53 +0800
> Subject: that blue thingie
> To: groo-l@hmc.edu
> Okay, yet another question from me: what exactly is that blue 
thingie on
> Groo's manly (?) chest that kind of looks like a VCR cassette? Is it 
> decor (Groo accessorizing his outfit---this is one for Vogue!), or 
does it
> actually serve a function? Oops, that's _two_ questions...
> I miss Groo. I miss Rufferto. I miss the Sage. I miss the poems at 
> start. I miss the letters pages. I missed the cards completely 
(Randall, I
> hope you know how lucky you are...).
> :] Lia
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> because they didn't like walking or carrying things."
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Well, Mark has claimed it to be many things from a Walkman to a DAT 
player, but I do remember someone actually writing in with the answer 
- it's a japanese sword holder I *think* (it's been a while since I 
read the issue concerned) but I forget the name (it's been a 
while...hang on, didn't I just say this?)

Anyone out there bored enough to correct me if I'm wrong/agree with me 
if I'm right?