Groo Trading Cards

Hey guys/girls/groos!

I've located a Groo trading card set that's for sale from a mail or-
der trading card company!

I already have all of the cards, except I'm missing three of them (I
threw away two of them -- creepy "Wanderer of the Gods" pictures).
Did I err?  (Just call me Err-ic.  On second thought, don't call me
that.)  'Course the rest of the cards look great!

Anyway, email me if you'd like the email address of the mail order
company and the price of the card set.  There's only one set avail-
able!  If I get more than one response, who should it go to?  Girls
first?  If you already have a set, please let someone else have a
chance.  =)

See you later.


Ps: May your travel agent not book you on the same cruise ship as Groo.