Re: The GROO reprint poll

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Denis Hackney wrote:
> My favourite Groo tale from Epic would have to be the one where he was 
> wandering around looking for frays, cheese dip, kopins, ships to sink, 
> people to help, or his friends (Taranto, Chakaal, Sage, Pal n' Drumm, 
> Arba and Dakarba, Minstrel, etc).  This issue sound familiar to anyone?  
> I can't remember the number, but it was somewhere between 1 and 120...

Let me guess, your favourite episode of Gilligan's Island is the one 
where they almost get off the island, but Gilligan screws up?  And your 
favourite Scooby Doo cartoon is the one where the ghost/monster turns out 
to be the guy they met at the beginning of the episode in a rubber mask?

(I'll try to get a list of favourites together in a few days, Mark.  But 
the puppet show and the book burners, definitely)