Re: The GROO reprint poll

Mark Evanier wrote:
> It's too early to announce but we are in discussions with a publisher
> about issuing some reprints drawn from the Epic issues of GROO.

You mean I just spent a whole heap of money buying all the Epic Groo's I 
was missing and now you're going to reprint them?  Did I err?

> 1. In the reprint series we did for Marvel (GROO ADVENTURER, GROO
> BAZAAR, etc.), we just went in sequence, reprinting everything.  Would
> you rather see us continue to reprint in sequence or would you like to
> see us jump around and print the best stories, possibly ganging them up
> into "theme" collections?
One way to do it would be to reprint all the 3 and 4 issue stories in a 
separate book.  In that way, it'd kind of be like having a "Thaiis" or 
"Wager of the Gods" graphic novel...

> 2. If we do start reprinting the best stories, which ones do you think
> they are?  Name your half-dozen favorite GROO tales from Epic.

My favourite Groo tale from Epic would have to be the one where he was 
wandering around looking for frays, cheese dip, kopins, ships to sink, 
people to help, or his friends (Taranto, Chakaal, Sage, Pal n' Drumm, 
Arba and Dakarba, Minstrel, etc).  This issue sound familiar to anyone?  
I can't remember the number, but it was somewhere between 1 and 120...
> Thanks, gang.
> (By the way: The Sage's flask is called a porron and it's filled with
> water.  The blue thing on Groo's chest is some kind of buckle that
> swordsfolks were known to wear.  Sergio told me its official name and I
> think I printed it in one letter page, but I've forgotten what it's
> called.  And I have no idea what "mulch" is.)

You don't know what mulch is?  That's OK, we can tell you...Let's see, 
how did it go?  "Mulching is a process of ... ?"	:-)

this has been another email from d.hackney@student.anu.edu.au

-- May your pockets swell with kopins, your cup runneth over 
with cheese dip, and your garden never be lacking mulch! --

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