Re: The GROO reprint poll

> 1. In the reprint series we did for Marvel (GROO ADVENTURER, GROO 
> BAZAAR, etc.), we just went in sequence, reprinting everything.  Would 
> you rather see us continue to reprint in sequence or would you like to 
> see us jump around and print the best stories, possibly ganging them up 
> into "theme" collections?

Since the Epic/Marvel Groo back issues are still kind of affordable, I'm
hoping to buy them all.  (I've only got about 70? of them.)

Usually with reprints (such as Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Captain
America), I liked to read the back issues in order since there's some-
times a timeline (references to past issues).

Most of the Groo stories are self-contained in one issue.  As a result,
it may not be that important to reprint these in order.

> 2. If we do start reprinting the best stories, which ones do you think 
> they are?  Name your half-dozen favorite GROO tales from Epic.

The issue where Groo is an artist (painter).  The issue where Groo watches
puppet shows all day long (and all night long).  The issue where Groo errs.
(Oops, that's all of them!)