Re: The GROO reprint poll

     By all means, reprint random stories, and in each issue, do one small 
     original cartoon that has never been printed before.  When I say 
     "random", I mean "random", so some stories may show up several times 
     while others never get reprinted.  Then do slightly different format 
     variations, "pocket books", hard backs, magazine size, black & white 
     versions, and CD-ROM.
     Also, I would really like to find single frames of GROO strips in 
     collector cards of William Stout, Sandman, Magic, MAD, Tales from the 
     Crypt, etc.
     On a different but related subject, it took me several months and a 
     lot of miles (and $) to complete a set of GROO collector cards.  I 
     think there were only 5 boxes on the entire east coast.  Since it was 
     so difficult for me, I started to help other folks on the net to 
     complete their sets.  But, I'm discovering folks have incomplete sets 
     around the world and the postage is breaking me.  Does anyone know how 
     widely the cards were distributed and in what quantities?  Are there a 
     few million cases of them sitting in a warehouse somewhere waiting for 
     the right offer ($2.00 per box) to come from a discount mail order 
     house?  In my doubles, I have as many as 9 of some cards and none of 
     most others.  That almost got me started collecting only one specific 
     number as opposed to a complete set.  I think it would be a lot 
     easier, and their value would surely increase with scarcity to others.

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Subject: The GROO reprint poll
Author:  evanier@ix.netcom.com (Mark Evanier ) at smtp
Date:    6/5/96 5:02 PM

It's too early to announce but we are in discussions with a publisher 
about issuing some reprints drawn from the Epic issues of GROO.  I 
thought I'd poll the GROO mailing list and ask two questions...
1. In the reprint series we did for Marvel (GROO ADVENTURER, GROO 
BAZAAR, etc.), we just went in sequence, reprinting everything.  Would 
you rather see us continue to reprint in sequence or would you like to 
see us jump around and print the best stories, possibly ganging them up 
into "theme" collections?
2. If we do start reprinting the best stories, which ones do you think 
they are?  Name your half-dozen favorite GROO tales from Epic.
Thanks, gang.
(By the way: The Sage's flask is called a porron and it's filled with 
water.  The blue thing on Groo's chest is some kind of buckle that 
swordsfolks were known to wear.  Sergio told me its official name and I 
think I printed it in one letter page, but I've forgotten what it's 
called.  And I have no idea what "mulch" is.)