Re: RE: Groo: I thought I should post this

>>Is it in Swedish or English?

I wonder if you could help me sell my entire Groo collection?  I think Ihave
everything that has been released since 1982.  This is my first time on
internet and I hope I'm doing this right. (I dontknow a thing about
computers.) This is a public computer i am writing from, and I dont have an
e-mail-adress.  Maybe you can help me anyway?  I live in Gothenburg, Sweden
and here is my "real life adress":

Mattias Snaar
Januarigatan 18
415 15 Gothenburg

Please feel free to write to me if you are interested in buying!
                                            Thank you

If it's in Swedish I'd buy it.  Hey, there's a cross over for you.  The
Swedish Chef meets Groo!  =)