Re: The GROO reprint poll

On Wed, 5 Jun 1996, Mark Evanier wrote:

> 1. In the reprint series we did for Marvel (GROO ADVENTURER, GROO 
> BAZAAR, etc.), we just went in sequence, reprinting everything.  Would 
> you rather see us continue to reprint in sequence or would you like to 
> see us jump around and print the best stories, possibly ganging them up 
> into "theme" collections?
> 2. If we do start reprinting the best stories, which ones do you think 
> they are?  Name your half-dozen favorite GROO tales from Epic.

	To tell you the truth, all the stories are worthy of reprinting.  
But, what would be cool would be to see a collection of the puzzles, 
mini-stories, and single-back-pagers (Rufferto, lil'Groo, etc.).  I think 
a re-print of the 'odds-'n'-ends' would be a precious book.  Plus some 
'dialogue' by Mark &/or Sergio would put the icing on the cake. Just my 2 

> (By the way: The Sage's flask is called a porron and it's filled with 
> water.  The blue thing on Groo's chest is some kind of buckle that 
> swordsfolks were known to wear.  Sergio told me its official name and I 
> think I printed it in one letter page, but I've forgotten what it's 
> called.  And I have no idea what "mulch" is.)

	Hey, I looked up porron in my Spanish-English dictionary and it 
described a porron as a 'wine vessel with a long spout'. . . . Maybe Sage 
is gettin' into some white "Concha y Torro"? :-}  Isn't 'Mulch' the name 
of a dog?