Re: liquid in Sage's flask -Reply

On Thu, 6 Jun 1996, Bob Heer wrote:

> > > Now that we know what is in the flask, what is that thing on the top?
> > > Just when I think I know what it is, it changes!
> > > 
> > 	Looking at Card #3 - The Sage - it looks like a peice of rope.  
> > Or are you looking at something else?  BTW, the 'flask' looks a lot like 
> Does the top of Sage's flask change?  Don't remember offhand.  I know 
> that the Minstrel's instrument (what is that, a lute?) has an 
> ever-changing top.

	It looks like part of the message I replied to got mysteriously 
chopped.  If you read what I replied to, it sounds like a question about 
the Sage's flask. But I read the original post again, and found it was 
about the Minstrel.  Strange. . . .