Maybe they will even start shipping to us that ordered it last year ... nah!

From: 	Eric Chun[SMTP:ericchun@Altera.COM]
Sent: 	Friday, June 07, 1996 1:12 PM
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Greetings Groo Group!

Guess what I saw yesterday -- an ad for Groo figurines from Graphitti Designs!
It was in "Collecting Figures" magazine (I think), latest issue (I think).
That was the first time that I've ever seen this magazine.

It was a full color, 1 page ad with a picture of the figurine.  Groo is shown
waist up in some kind of bog or mud, with Rufferto standing on Groo's head.
The price was listed at $175.

Eric =)

Ps: May Arba and Dakarba not turn you into a frog.