Re: your mail

On Fri, 7 Jun 1996, Eric Chun wrote:

> Guess what I saw yesterday -- an ad for Groo figurines from Graphitti Designs!
> It was in "Collecting Figures" magazine (I think), latest issue (I think).
> That was the first time that I've ever seen this magazine.

	What?!? The infamous, impossible-to-find, lead figures from waaay 
back?  Has someone uncovered a long-lost crate of them?  Oh, boy, oh, boy!

> It was a full color, 1 page ad with a picture of the figurine.  Groo is shown
> waist up in some kind of bog or mud, with Rufferto standing on Groo's head.
> The price was listed at $175.

	Oooohhhh, you had me jumping up and down for a second -- I didn't 
know you meant the Groo statue (that I paid for last *October* and 
haven't received yet! "Just in time for Christmas."). Maybe it'll be 
shipping soon then. . .