Groo: Survey Says . . .


I spent about three hours last night trying to come up with a list of my
favourite Groo issues (that is, out of #32-120) and it was tough.

Mark, my vote is to go sequentially taking up from #33.

If that doesn't go over, here are my 6 favourite issues:
1) The Amulet #34
2) The Idol #58
3) The Mendicants #60
4) Dragon Quest #67
5) The Puppeteers #84
6) Three Wishes for Groo #113

I didn't include any of the "series" -type issues.  Of those, I really liked
The Fountain of Youth (#92 & 93) and The Scepter of King Cetro (#73,
74, & 75).  

Of course, I would buy just about ANY Groo books or stuff  that I can
actually find * . . . .  at least, I have so far . . . . did I err?

 *  ... as opposed to things that I have not actually gotten my hands on,
like stuff you have to order, or things I just heard about (Images)


plow, n.  An instrument that cries out for hands accustomed to the pen.
          - Ambrose Bierce