Re: To buy or not to buy, that is my question.

Kenneth R Simon wrote:
> If you have to ask....you're on the wrong list.
> Repeat,"Have I erred." 11 times and clense in cheesedip....
I must be in the wrong place too then, because I was wondering the same
thing...I had a quick look through the Groo Garden, and since I already
had all the issues, I didn't bother buying it.  Nothing in it caught my
eye as being new, except for maybe the Rufferto comic on the back
(assuming there was one, I can't really remember...)
>>A local store has the Groo Dynasty, Festival, and the "A" one. I already
>>have all the Epics, so is it worth buying? Is there something more to
>>them besides a straight reprint? They are being sold at a discount. Could>
>>someone let me know if I should buy these for a reason other than just
>>because I don't own them yet.
>>>> Thanks
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