Re: To buy or not to buy, that is my question..

On Sat, 15 Jun 1996, Berlett - Cathleen R. wrote:

> A local store has the Groo Dynasty, Festival, and the "A" one. I already 
> have all the Epics, so is it worth buying? Is there something more to 
> them besides a straight reprint? They are being sold at a discount. Could 
> someone let me know if I should buy these for a reason other than just 
> because I don't own them yet. 

well, each book has a new cover and a few interior drawings (the blame, 
uh, credit page and copyright page) by Aragones and a one page apology, 
er, essay by Aragones (explaining the hidden messages, etc).  They're 
also on nicer paper than the originals (though it's a bit of a shame that 
the budget obviously didn't allow for new colour seperations, since the 
seps designed for newsprint have that Lichenstein "big-dot" look on good 
paper.  Painfully obvious when you compare with the new pages.  But 
still, I've seen some originals from that era and the printing Marvel was 
giving them really does not do Aragones justice.


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