Hello everyone,

Either I'm not on this mailing list anymore and don't realize it, or
we've hit a severe lull in conversation, reminiscent of those pregnant
pauses when everyone stops talking all at once at a really loud party.

Anyway, if there is anyone out there listening, I want to place my vote
for reprinted stories. 

All the stories had a touch of greatness to them, but my personal
favorites hinge on Sergio's unique talent of drawing creatures of the
supernatural. Vampires, ghosts, mummies, decomposing creatures, etc.

I really enjoyed the Groo stories that had these themes. Reprinting
these in a "Halloween" Groo special would be very cool. (Hey, we're
almost up to "H" in the reprint line-up, right?)

Maybe this reprint can also include some of Sergio's PLOP! art from
many, many, many, many, years ago! My personal favorite was #4. Truly a
classic. How about even reprinting the PLOP! pantomime cartoons in a
paperback similar to the "Mad Marginals."

Well, anyway, I hope this e-mail sparks up some discussion.