More Groo Appearances & lots of questions!

For those who want every appearance of Groo, I just got some that some of 
you may not know about:

	Starslayer #4 -- cool, 2-page ad inside, and on back cover.
	Marvel Age #96 -- Groo cover
	Marvel Age #24, 49, &73 -- neat covers & ads/articles/interviews.

	Also, in a list of Groo appearances, Mark Evanier mentioned 
Crossfire #8 -- I bought it, but found no Groo-stuff in it, anyone found 
this too?  Or did I err?

	Plus: in one article, they mentioned that the *very first* 
appearance of Groo (even before Destroyer Duck), was in a catalogue that 
Sergio illustrated.  Does anybody have any other ifo on this?

	In Marvel Age #49, page 21, there is a picture of a miniature 
Groo flying a Bat where he says "This being small has its adantages!" -- 
sounds like a typo that should read "Being this small. . .".  Does 
anybody know if this typo is in the original printing of the full story?

	Also in Marvel Age #49, the author of the article mentions that 
she put a hidden message in the article -- did anyone find it?

	There is also a mention of a Groo appearance in Starslayer #6 -- 
anybody have it?

	And finally, does anyone have a complete list of the Groo 
Figurines? (an article referred to them as coming out in sets, the latest 
one #6, #5 being only a dragon).


PS: I'd appreciate some input from Mr. Evanier on any of this.