Re: More Groo Appearances & lots of questions!

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Ruben J. Arellano wrote:

> For those who want every appearance of Groo, I just got some that some of 
> you may not know about:
> 	Starslayer #4 -- cool, 2-page ad inside, and on back cover.
> 	Marvel Age #96 -- Groo cover
> 	Marvel Age #24, 49, &73 -- neat covers & ads/articles/interviews.

Also MARVEL AGE #85 and probably others (Sergio did the Christmas covers 
every year for a while).

> 	Also, in a list of Groo appearances, Mark Evanier mentioned 
> Crossfire #8 -- I bought it, but found no Groo-stuff in it, anyone found 
> this too?  Or did I err?

I =think= I remember Groo in CROSSFIRE, but don't recall where.  Been 
thinking of re-reading the series lately, if I come across it I'll post 
the issue.

There was an issue of DNAGENTS where Sergio drew the team.

Hey, while we're waiting for any news on Groo, maybe we could put 
together an Aragones bibliography?  Anyone interested?  I can get the 
ball rolling with the stuff in my own collection easily enough, but I'm 
too lazy to actually compile lists and maintain the final version (I 
already do that for Larry Marder...).

(I'd suggest an Evanier bibliography, but that's just sick...)


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