Aragones Bibliography

Bob Heer wrote:
> Hey, while we're waiting for any news on Groo, maybe we could put
> together an Aragones bibliography?  Anyone interested?  I can get the
> ball rolling with the stuff in my own collection easily enough, but I'm
> too lazy to actually compile lists and maintain the final version (I
> already do that for Larry Marder...).

Sounds like an excelent idea, but who's going to look through all those 
issues of MAD and list all the things he's done there?  Anyway, my 
contribution to the "Aragones Bibliography" is:

"Buzz & Bell, Space Cadets"  (Platinum Editions, 1991)

Does anyone have this book?  Everyone I've talked to about it hasn't even 
heard of it...He also did "Smokehouse 5" at about the same time, but I 
don't have this...

> (I'd suggest an Evanier bibliography, but that's just sick...)

We could make a list of all the things he's never got paid for, but 
*nobody* will want to do that!

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