Re: Aragones Bibliography

On Sun, 23 Jun 1996, Denis Hackney wrote:

> Sounds like an excelent idea, but who's going to look through all those 
> issues of MAD and list all the things he's done there?  Anyway, my 
> contribution to the "Aragones Bibliography" is:

Well, I'd probably just try to find out his first issue of MAD and say 
most/all issues since.  And maybe get a list of the Aragones specific Mad 
pocketbooks.  If anyone wants to do more detailed listings, I'd love to 
see them try.  I'll even visit them in the sanitarium when they're done....

> "Buzz & Bell, Space Cadets"  (Platinum Editions, 1991)
> Does anyone have this book?  Everyone I've talked to about it hasn't even 
> heard of it...He also did "Smokehouse 5" at about the same time, but I 
> don't have this...

I have BUZZ&BELL, but not SMOKEHOUSE 5, as well.  I don't recall ever 
seeing SMOKEHOUSE 5, in fact.  Did it ever come out?

> We could make a list of all the things he's never got paid for, but 
> *nobody* will want to do that!

I think it would be quicker to list everything Evanier =was= paid for...