Re: Aragones Bibliography

okay, here's everything I can contribute to an Aragones bibliography, if 
anyone wants to put one together.  Additional details on any book (date, 
publisher, etc) available on request if it's going to be a detailed 

  Albedo 3
        Illustrated letter with Groo/Usagi
  Amazing Heroes 61
        Cover and article (with more art) on Groo
  Amazing World of DC 6
        Illustration of Gaines/Orlando for article on Orlando
  Bat Lash 1
  Bat Lash 3 - 7
        Plots.  Also character sketches in #7. 
        (#2 is credited to Cardy)
  Best of DC 60
        Various PLOP reprints
  Buzz & Bell 1
        Wordless space gags
  Captain Victory 6
        Two Groo ads, probably same as the ones in Starslayer
  Cerebus 155
        An Aragones/Sim auction drawing of Groo/Cerebus
  Comic Reader 210
        Groo cover
  Critters 50
        Catnippon backcover
  Crossfire 18 - 19
  Crossfire 21 - 26
        Illustrations for Evanier's text pages
  Deadman:Reprint Series 4
        Co-writer for six page Neal Adams reprint
  Destroyer Duck 1
        Groo, of course
  Detective Comics 600
        Batman pinup
  DNAgents 9
        Illustration of DNAgents on letter page
  Frost tpb 1
        Con sketch of Frost and Alfred E. Neuman.
  Groo Chronicles 1 - 6
  Groo tpb 1 - 8
        (were there 8?  I've never seen the Hound book)
  Groo (Eclipse) 1
  Groo (Epic) 1 - 120
  Groo (Image) 1 - 12
  Groo (Pacific) 1 - 8
  Groo:Death of Groo 1
  Groo:Life of Groo 1
        If you don't know what these are, you aren't paying attention
  Hollywood Superstars 1 - 5
        Illustrations for Evanier's column
  House of Mystery 199
        "Cain's Game Room" one pager
        "Cain's Gargoyles" one pager
  In The Days of the Mob 1
        Two pages of gags, "Kill Joy Was Here" 
  Magnor 1 - 6
        That superhero thing
  Marvel Age 73
  Marvel Age 85
  Marvel Age 96
        Groo Christmas covers.  Other issues? 
  Our Army At War 295 - 296
        "War Games" one pagers
  Plop 3
  Plop 19
        Actually, probably all issues of PLOP
  Sandman Special 1
        Cain&Abel page
  Sergio Destroys DC 1
  Sergio Massacres Marvel 1
        They just came out.  Try to keep up. 
  Sgt. Rock 302
  Sgt. Rock 304
        "War Games" one pagers
  Sgt. Rock (Reprint) 8
        Two "War Games" one pagers, including the one from OAW #296
  Showcase 76
        First Bat Lash, plot
  Spirit World 1
        One page of gags, "Weird Humor" 
  TMNT/Conservation Corps 1
        Conservation Corps pinup
  Usagi Yojimbo 11
        Catnippon short story
  Usagi Yojimbo 33
        Plot for main story
  Usagi Yojimbo v2 16
        Illustration in letter column
  Wild Animals 1
        "A 'Short' Story", two pages
  Wonder Woman 50
        WW pinup

 There was a four page "Magnor" story serialized in various Malibu
 books one month.  I don't have all of them, so I don't know which
 page appears in which books, except that I think I only got three
 of the four in the books I did get.  Anyway, each of these has one
 of the pages. 

  Exiles 3
  Firearm 2
  Freex 4
  Hardcase 5
  Mantra 4
  Night Man 1
  Prime 5
  Prototype 3
  Sludge 1
  Solution 2
  Strangers 5
 okay, other stuff that I don't actually have.  A long interview in THE 
COMICS JOURNAL.  At least one, probably several, covers for CBG over the 
years.  MAD, obviously, and related Mad reprint things.  SMOKEHOUSE 5 if 
it actually exists.  Um, probably thousands of napkins from Cantor's Deli....


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