Re: Aragones Bibliography

let's get this organized and name an OFFICIAL BIBLIOGRAPHER.....

Ken Simon

On Sun, 23 Jun 1996, Denis Hackney wrote:

> Bob Heer wrote:
> > Hey, while we're waiting for any news on Groo, maybe we could put
> > together an Aragones bibliography?  Anyone interested?  I can get the
> > ball rolling with the stuff in my own collection easily enough, but I'm
> > too lazy to actually compile lists and maintain the final version (I
> > already do that for Larry Marder...).
> Sounds like an excelent idea, but who's going to look through all those 
> issues of MAD and list all the things he's done there?  Anyway, my 
> contribution to the "Aragones Bibliography" is:
> "Buzz & Bell, Space Cadets"  (Platinum Editions, 1991)
> Does anyone have this book?  Everyone I've talked to about it hasn't even 
> heard of it...He also did "Smokehouse 5" at about the same time, but I 
> don't have this...
> > (I'd suggest an Evanier bibliography, but that's just sick...)
> We could make a list of all the things he's never got paid for, but 
> *nobody* will want to do that!
> Denis.
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