Re: Aragones Bibliography

I wrote:
>>So who's gonna be in-charge of collecting all of this together and putting
>>it up?

Then Denis said:
>Well, according to your web page, you've got a heap of spare time and are 
>really bored with nothing to do...

Ooooh, Denis, you've been to my webpage? I'm SO touched, really I am...

At any rate, although I definitely couldn't collect all the data (got too
many pages to update as is), I'd be more than happy to HTML-ize the data
into a page if someone sent me everything all typed up as text. 

And find it a home... where the buffalo roam... maybe at Geocities?

Oh sorry, got carried away there for a bit.

So, any takers? Anyone game to compile Sergio's bibliography?

Yoo-hoo! Guys?

:] Lia

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