To buy or not to buy, that is my question.. -Reply

Buy every Groo (and Aragones) thing that you find.  Buy all copies of
any Groo comic that you find.  Buy all the figurines and pins and tshirts
that you find.  Then tell this list that you have stuff to trade for Groo
Images cards.  I still need to replace the Epic 101, 102, 109, 110 and 113
that buy son chewed up.  If you find a stash of old comics, please send
me the address and/or phone number.  Groo stuff is getting rare already,
so BUY IT!!

BTW all you bibliographers out there, don't forget the 3-D book that
Sergio did.  It even came with a pair of blue and red 3-D spectacles.  

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>>> Berlett - Cathleen R. <cberlett@umd5.umd.edu> 06/14/96 10:06pm
A local store has the Groo Dynasty, Festival, and the "A" one. I already 
have all the Epics, so is it worth buying? Is there something more to  them
besides a straight reprint? They are being sold at a discount. Could 
someone let me know if I should buy these for a reason other than just 
because I don't own them yet.