Re: More Groo Appearances & lots of questions!

On Sat, 22 Jun 1996, Bob Heer wrote:

> > 	Marvel Age #24, 49, &73 -- neat covers & ads/articles/interviews.
> Also MARVEL AGE #85 and probably others (Sergio did the Christmas covers 
> every year for a while).
	Now that I look into my collection, Marvel Age #109 also has a 
Groo cover -- another Christmas cover.

> I =think= I remember Groo in CROSSFIRE, but don't recall where.  Been 
> thinking of re-reading the series lately, if I come across it I'll post 
> the issue.

	Let me know if you find out which one.

> There was an issue of DNAGENTS where Sergio drew the team.

	Did Groo turn up anywhere in that?  Do you know what issue?