Re: Aragones Bibliography

Ruben J. Arellano wrote:
>        For a more obscure title. . .  I've got a book that Sergio did
>titled "Les Piepons" that I got in Belgium.  It was published by Dupuis.
>The particular 'edition' is titled "1. Tout feu tout flamme", but I don't
>think any more came out.  There is no dialogue, and it features gags
>about the daily lives of a team of firemen.  On the last page, there is a
>drawing of Sergio at his desk (with a Groo & Ruf. statue nearby), with
>the fireteam blasting through his wall, and a space capsule (complete
>with astronuts) falling through the roof.  The caption says that Sergio
>is drawing for Buzz & Bell and Les Piepons. . . .
> Ruben.

Sounds like "Smokehouse 5" in Belgian to me...

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