Re: Aragones Bibliography

> okay, other stuff that I don't actually have.  A long interview in THE 
> COMICS JOURNAL.  At least one, probably several, covers for CBG over the 
> years.  MAD, obviously, and related Mad reprint things.  SMOKEHOUSE 5 if 
> it actually exists.  Um, probably thousands of napkins from Cantor's Deli....

Smokehouse 5 does exist.

Also, Sergio drew the cover for the Wondercon 1995 Program, and he appears
with Stan Lee in one of the videos for "The Comic Book Greats" series.  In
this video, he mentions that he was doing work for advertising in Mexico
for many years before coming to New York.  While he was working as a waiter,
someone suggested that he submit his work to MAD Magazine.  He had heard of
MAD Magazine while working in Mexico, so he didn't start with issue #1.  He
said that he has never missed an issue since he started, though.

Eric :D