Re: More Groo Appearances & lots of questions!

On Fri, 21 Jun 1996, Joseph Jones wrote:

> "This being small has its advantages" is correct English. It has a
> different meaning from "Being this small".  It's sort of like saying
> "Being small has its advantages", but with a "this" in front. 
> Josh

	Oh, ok.  I thought that "This being small..." would have been 
something you'd say while pointing to a miniature Groo. IE: "This (ie: 
Groo) being small has its advantages".  It is a rather strange 'form' 
(for lack of a better word) of English to be used in Groo, don't you 
think?  It kind of through me off.  But I see what you mean now.  Good 
thing I didn't major in English,eh? :-}