RE: Possible reason for Groo Statue Delay ... and then some

Oh, that's just GREAT!  Here I ordered it LAST YEAR and I'll be moving August 31 (not far), I wonder if we'll have them by then...

Oh, thanks to Denis Hackney in Australia I have a complete set (minus the Images) of the Groo cards (yours is in the mail by now).  If somebody needs some, I'm willing to ship them to them or I can just send them to Mark E. (that guy who started the Scooby Doo comic book) at the address he gave previously.  Of course, if anyone has an extra IG-1,3,5,7, or 8, I'd be happy to buy or trade for those as well...


Charles L. Klein

From: 	Ruben J. Arellano[SMTP:rubena@unixg.ubc.ca]
Sent: 	Thursday, June 27, 1996 6:00 AM
To: 	The Groo
Subject: 	Possible reason for Groo Statue Delay

Last sunday, when I went to see Stan Sakai at a local comic con, I talked
to a lady at one of the booths about the Groo Statue.  She said that at
first, it was advertised as Groo wading through *orange* goo, presumeably
being cheesedip (since he was licking his finger).  But later, they got an
advertisement that showed him wading through *black* goo, presumeably mud
or tar -- which didn't make sense since he was licking his finger. 
Perhaps there has been a mix-up at the factory and they are doing a
re-paint on them?  I'm presuming that the statues are hand-painted, of
course. . .