Re: The name of this list

Didn't the whole topic of converation of what to call ourselves arise 
because someone thought that "Groopies" sounded stupid?  Or is this just 
my memory stuffing up on me?

Anyway, being part of a "Groop" of "Gatherers and Readers Of Objects and 
Publications Invented by Evanier and Sergio" sounds pretty good to me 
(admittedly only because I can't think of anything better).

Lets go with it, Groop!

this has been another email from d.hackney@student.anu.edu.au

Quote of the Week:

"For a while, I didn't have a car ... I had a helicopter.
 No place to park it, so I just tied it to a lamp-post and left
 it running ..." [slow glance upwards]
	-- Steven Wright