Re: The name of this list

On Fri, 28 Jun 1996, Denis Hackney wrote:

> Didn't the whole topic of converation of what to call ourselves arise 
> because someone thought that "Groopies" sounded stupid?  Or is this just 
> my memory stuffing up on me?

	Sometimes stupid is better. . . Just ask Mark. :-}

> Anyway, being part of a "Groop" of "Gatherers and Readers Of Objects and 
> Publications Invented by Evanier and Sergio" sounds pretty good to me 
> (admittedly only because I can't think of anything better).
> Lets go with it, Groop!

Or my choice (and idea) "Groo Readers or Others People Infatuated with 
Evanier and Sergio". . . Now we have to decide on what GROOP stands for. 
. . .???