Re: Groo Statues

On Thu, 27 Jun 1996, Mark Evanier wrote:

> The GROO statues have been delayed by manufacturing problems.  I 
> haven't talked lately to Bob Chapman so I don't know how close they are 
> to coming out...but I can't believe it'll be much longer.

	Ok, let us know *if* you find out a possible release date.

> The statue shows Groo up to his waist in what would politely be called 
> a cesspool.  It was never supposed to be cheese dip.  But in the 
> statue, he is tasting it and the expression on his face is his way of 
> saying, "Hey, this isn't cheese dip!"

	Ohhh, ok.  The person I talked to didn't mention his facial 
expression, so that makes sense.  Thanks for the clarification.


PS: I think it is great that someone on the 'inside' is communicating 
with the fans. . . That way, they can extinguish any rumours that may run 
like wildfire, or answer any really pressing questions. Thanks Mark!